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How Krampus Became Acceptable Through Time. They Didn't Get Rid Of Him... They Just Changed Him Into A More Lovable Character So We Would Worship Their Devil, Not Knowing What He Really Is. Seems To Have Worked, But Can You See It ?

Has The World Reached Peak Plutocracy? Before We Judge, We Should Remember That If This Type Of Power Was Available To Us... We Wouldn't Share It Either, It's In Our Genes To Be Selfish.

The Internet Is Run By Artificial Intelligence... And AI, Is Now Making Content For Us To Share With Others... Fewer People Are Creating Original Content Now Because AI Has Unlimited Resources, We Don't. All We Can Do To Keep Up Is Re-Use The AI Content. Who Knows, Maybe One Day It Will Be Illegal To Express Yourself In Any Way, Shape, Or Form. You Probably Think You're Too Smart For That Don't You? Okay, Let's Say... AI Creates A Video About Flat-Earth Theory... Next Thing You Know, Millions Of People Are Defending This Theory, And Sharing And Creating Content Of That Format... See How It Can Work?


The Matrix... You're Either One Of Us, Or You're One Of Them. (My Take On The Movie).

Franky Layne Productions Web Design

If I Were The Devil, I Would Keep On Doing What Is Happening Right Now. Because This Is No Accident You Know.

Music Video / Mudhoney - Here Comes Sickness

Staying Healthy: The Socio-Economic Forces Conspiring To Make Us Fat And Sickly.

Dreaming, And why We Need It.

Plant The Seeds Festival 1993 Cutler Park-Waukesha, WI

You Have Been Enjoying "TANK TV". Come Back Soon For New Current Events Content.

Franky Layne Productions Web Design
Franky Layne Productions Web Design